Toe Tattoo

My own little skin test, before and after the tattoo. CC&SB welcome.


Neat idea! :smiley:

The skin is very believable and so is the tattoo.


The skin and tattoo looks really well done, but the tattoo looks a bit faded. and flat

LOL, it’s under a toe, what do you expect?


[crits]The skin is too squarey, and the tatoo is too faded.[/crits]

The skin is really good!

P.S. Why do you put “%<” at the bottom of all your posts?

P.S. Why do you put “%<” at the bottom of all your posts?

Where else would I put it?

Yeah, the tattoo is a bit faded because I had to use “Mix” to map it. The ‘skin’ test is rather complicated ( two spheres, one inside the other, the inside one with a red material, both spheres set to mirror one another and mapped to tranclucency with Raymirror on. The textures are also mapped to Col and Translucency) Using any map method other than Mix interferes with the alpha values and the inside sphere shows up. I could have used a better fingerprint texture but I succeeded in getting the correct blush tones that I wanted, and that was what I was after.

Thanks for the crits.