Toggling between camera views

I would toggle camera views using “0” hotkey for… camera view and then to quickly go review my cameras I would just click on the data of each in the outliner (without having to select and Ctrl+0).
Don’t know which setting I changed accidentally and this no longer works

You have multiple cameras and you could change the camera with 0? Maybe you mean the marker system to change the camera. Just add a marker in the timeline and bind the camera to it.

I have made progress: What was happening is I had two 3d-viewports on my workspace.
Only one of the two toggles when selecting camera data in the Outliner.
Definitely progress, though I would still like to know how to select which of the 3d viewports responds to the outliner selection.
(Thank you @3DArtGuy but that’s not what I meant. The issue is related to the timeline, though markers are not the solution to what I want)
Edit: interesting it is the 3-d viewport where frame playback is displayed, for example with two or more 3d viewports on the workspace, only one will will display playback. How do I select which one?

I think its the last active or cant be changed.

Does it matter? The only thing that is important is that its playing and i dont think you can change where it displays it.

:slight_smile: it’s the most important thing… I like to have full control of my workspace whenever possible, so I still would like to know how to select which window shows the perspectives selected from outliner.
(in the current real case scenario I had the main large window where I was modeling and a smaller to the side to check the resulting view from the preset camera angles, without gizmos or other “noise” - a better and faster workflow for me)

Thats a normal workflow with different angles and so but you dont need a camera for a view there. Just align it either to the axis with the numpad or align it so what you want to see…

When i remember correctly, the newest version of blender displays the animation notice just at the bottom row so not in any viewport.

ty, it’s a personal preference, please leave it at that, I need what I need. I fully understand what you are saying, but I’m interested in answer to the specific question, not other ways about it.
(I don’t remember the timeline ever being in the viewport, always was a separate editor window, that by default was at the bottom area of the screen, in earlier versions)