Toilet Moddelling help

I have been working on this toilet (part of a toilet) for a while. I am looking to get a pretty real toilet model going on here. Unfortunately it is not going as easy as I think it should be going. Anybody have any ideas, critiques… Its only part but the hardest part too!


A toilet model? Now thats ambition. I guess its looking good, try somoothing it(smooth shading in the editing buttons) Good luck man!

I wouldn’t recommend using curves to model things in Blender.

Polygon modeling is the main stream these days for modeling 3D graphics.

You can achieve things like this in a short amount of time using polygon modeling:

Made this in an hour or two.

I did not use curves in the model, if thatis what you mean. It is a mesh object. (i think that means polygon?)

Wolf, I had never seen one like that, with a pillar supporting the cistern.

Anyway, the humble toilet deserves to be modeled with good edgeloops too. I can’t believe the last time I attempted to make one I was trying to use booleans, only making things too complicated.


Haha, you can’t blame me Toloban, I don’t pay attention to toilet like I do to pretty girls ^_~