Toki Film's new simplified workflow

In order to speed up production of my short film, I have decided to stop using Silo for modeling. The tools now are just Celtx, Blender, and Gimp 2.4 (I was using my old old Photoshop 7). I’ve modeled in Blender many times before, and the recent thread demonstrating how to make tangent normal maps ended any reason I had to keep bothering with Silo. I also find 3d sculpting to be a little better for me in Blender, even without the ability to save custom brushes.

I’m very happy with the exclusion of Silo from my work flow of this project. Blender’s modeling tools are second to none when it comes to 3d animation suites.

Here is a recent progress shot from my project: I am nearly complete with the texture.

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