Tokyo Flat

I’m reading 1Q84 at the moment and got inspired to build a flat japanese style. The base is a reference of a Tokyo flat on Pinterest but my creativity took me this way. So I decided to keep the name but didn’t care about a proper japanese interior. I simply enjoyed the process and kinda like the result.
The models are partly by myself, partly chocofur and texturehaven. Likewise are the textures by the latter…

Edit: the beanbag texture is a free texture from poliigon… the beanbag itself is modelled by myself… :wink:

And here’s the link to the reference:


Great Job! :smiley: There are just 3 things I think you could have improved.
First, the lighting from outside is a little too strong. I suggest you lower the exposure a bit.
Second, the cords of those hanging plants are just stuck to the wall.
Third, the table looks like it floating a bit. Overall, the room is well done! :+1:


Thanks for the suggestions! And very well detected! There are hooks for the plants… but I guess the material is to reflective- so; you’re right there!
I totally agree with the table!
And about the lighting… I really struggled with that… I fiddled about with exposure and hdri and area light… I don’t know… didn’t work that well this time to match the look - and the mood - of the reference…
Thanks again!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much @bartv! It is an honor every time! :pray: :heart_hands:

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I’m very proud to see the former render featured on @BlenderNation this week. And normaly I would definitly call it a day and go over to another project. But this time I had to re-render the picture due to the fact that the wonderful Chiara Vercesi ( allowed me to use some of her outstanding grafics. So, here’s the re-render with her pictures on the wall. Thank you Chiara! I may use the pictures in other projects to come - but this room / render was originally build around her art!


With the re-rendering I considered your suggestions @InfiniteVariations! Thanks again for that!

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Your welcome!

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