Tokyo Streets 05

Finishing my chilling experimentation where I tried to mimic a B&W photo render close to Kai Zielh or Vandervell style.

It’s basically just a composite nodetree in Blender which put all scene like that. The five tests allowed me to polish the process, and simplify the nodal. Render time started at 6/7 minutes for the first one in 4K (Cycles), and ends up to 15 seconds roughly for the last one. No passes needed at the end.

The only post process in Photoshop is the blur, because it’s faster than Blender and I’m a lazy guy^^

This last frame is also the only one based on a picture from a real Tokyo area, near Shiodome station.


Very nicely done. The texture of the wall tiles is excellent, and the high-key black-and-white lighting is very effective.

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Thanks, it was very rewarding on value and contrast comprehension, and also Cycles optimisation.