Tomato in trouble

A project that I made to learn how to use Blender 2.8 (I’m a Modo user) Rendered in Cycles


That’s really funny and very nicely done !

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Thank you Tomato in trouble Blender Vick.jpg1200×900 583 KB.url (132 Bytes) :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


You know it’s good when it instantly puts a smile on your face, great job I like it a lot.
welcome to blender artists hope you have a nice time and good luck :partying_face:

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So clean. Love it!

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Thats funny :slight_smile:

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Really amusing and well made image, compliments!
I much like the lighting and the environment in every respect.

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Hi Victor. Lovely work. How are you liking Blender these days? I remember your work on the Modo forums!!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I´m glad you like it.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Bassem @sourvinos @RayVelcoro

Wow that is so cool! thanks

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Hello, wow cool you remember that, thank you; I´m loving Blender now I sincerely used to find it very confusing before version 2.7, from there I decided to try to understand it looking at those amazing tutorials that great people have in youtube. Finally when I started geting a grip of things BAM! version 2.8! got released, from my POV an amazing improvement on usability. Now is crazy, but for me is almost easier to model something in Blender that it is in Modo because I learnt the basic shortcuts and the right click contextual menu shows the next operations right there. I never get used to pie menus so for me is better that list when right clicking (I have selection on the left click). On the other hand, I have a pretty decent machine with 2 gpu´s so I like working with Cycles (I use Octane in modo instead of the built in renderer). Modo´s UV system I think is better for now but I know there are some add-ons to improve Blender´s UV I have to keep studying but time is so short :slight_smile: My real job keeps me using SolidWorks and I render SW files in Octane inside of modo all the time. That is a nice feature that modo has, it opens SW files without any workarounds with all the materials applied and to get a usable render you only need to remove some normal maps and fine tune the materials.

Hi Victor,

How can anyone forget you. Always nice, creative work. I’ve moved away from Modo for a while now. Got into Houdini Indie and Redshift for a bit. Learned a lot but now I’m trying to focus my efforts on Blender 2.8. So many good things there but like you said, you have to dive right in for a good chunk of time and just “learn” it. Picked up a couple of add-ons but my poor brain can only handle so much.

Here’s a link of some of my work. I’m sure you’ll remember some of them as they were my first 3D creations using my first 3D application, Modo.

Nice to see you have a nice job. I thought good jobs are hard to come by over there.

Wishing all the very best and hope I can get some nice visuals on the blender artists site soon.

Take care.


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Thank you, you are very kind.

Ahah, very funny, keep it up :wink:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hi guys, there is a “Behind the Scenes” about this little project on BlenderNation site

Here is the link if anybody is interested:


Poor little fellow! Nice lighting and hospital setting (hopefully not from your own experience). Your Behind the Scenes presentation on Blender Nation is really helpful.
Thanks for sharing this.:sunny:

Thank you I’m glad you like it