Tomato Pack

Hi guys. Are you ok?
This is my last work. Is a scene study with cycles and blender componsing. I tried use a only Blender, but the blur i had use a photoshop.

I need yours critiques, please… :D:D:D

Too much depth of field, not clear focus even on the high res.

I don’t know if DOF is to much (just to understand each other, because actually it’s the opposite, more DOF = less blur), but surely it is wrong, I can see that it’s radial, rather than flowing along the z axis of the camera.

The image anyway is nice and clean, for advertising is perfect, and I like it.


I’ll try adjust some things. Soon i a post the result.

The image is quite pretty.

You asked for critics, so:

First of all, you got very good color for tomato, i know it’s not that simple as it seems. I would add some variation in composition (art), now it seems little bit even, same bottles everywhere. You should either focus on one of them and, in that case, add some details to it, textures, glass details/bump, or if you’ll choose to show many bottles, they shouldn’t be exactly same, there should be some variations, if only you don’t want to show that exact idea, that they are the same (make a straight row of them e.t.c). In any case, image could use some more details.

I would add some texture to grounds reflectivity and glossines. texture -> RGBcurves/colorRamp -> reflectivity/glossines

RGBcurves/colorRamp will help with quick adjustments

I think photoshop blur doesn’t work here, so i’d use cycles DOF blur or zblur in comp at least.