Tomb of Kings

Hey everyone,
I don’t post much but I’m always watching these forums!
This is another image I transfered from the Narnia books.
This one is the Tomb of Kings from the 3rd book (I think…)
C&C please!

:o cant see :o
its to dark

I might suggest slightly changing the mesh of the center monolith. It’s so obviously a dupe of the forground monolith. Especially the left side. Just a slight modification of the bulge of either will easily suggest they are different. Looking at it again, I notice that the left side of all of them are the same. If you don’t want to alter the mesh, just rotate them a bit.

The sky seems light enough that you can increase the ambiance a bit to make it easier to see. If you like the dark look, then I might suggest you darken the sky. Just my opinion, but you might also have a bit too many stars.

I would also suggest you put a fill light(s) in the scene to lighten up the shadows a bit. A backlight could also be used to separate the monoliths from the background. This will be necessary if you darken the sky. The three point lighting system is always a good start when lighting a scene. This is true for Blender as well as video and motion pictures.

Keep up the good work. Not being an artist … just tremendously interested in 3D and Blender … I envy your (and others) composition skills.

Maybe it’s my monitor…
I will post a lightened up version, but I’m walking that fine line of “night lighting” and a light image.
Btw, any advice on creating moonlight?
That was a problem for me in this image, trying to balance enough light with the fact that it was supposed to be dark.
Lighter image comming soon!

DYeater: Thanks for the advice. I agree, the meshes are not good looking when they are all the same. I made this image like 3 months ago when I had a lot less understanding than I do now. I’ll go back and play around with it. Thanks for the tips!

Holy shit man! That looks exactly like the picture from my illustrated edition. Thats amazing dude and I don’t think its badly lit at all since it is supposed to be nighttime with heavy shadows anyway.

use blue lights f your adding more :slight_smile:

  1. very dark
  2. the shadows look weird

A basic lighting setup i’m using now for you would be to have a sunlamp to represent direct moonlight and to represent light filtering through the air add a hemilight with lower intensity and point it straight down. Then you may want to add another sunlight to add light to those underside areas