Tomb Raider WIP

I know … references … sorry, I’m just kinda embarrassed about things like that
I wish I had more time to do stuff like this
I’m not very good at conceptwork or digital painting, I thought that if I studied things like this it would help me get better.
somethings not right with the skin, like there’s too much contrast or not enough color variation like in the shadows or something, need to go back and fix that … if I can figure out how …

well feedback is appreciated

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Douglas_R Well what are you trying to go for? If you wanted to make it more realistic then yes the skin needs work. Other wise I like the shading style of the skin. I would look at are things off on the face. There is something about Her Right Eye left from my view. Also the nose seems slightly off. Other wise I think its fine.

screen right?

Yep. Fix those things the eye(s) and nose and I think its good to go. I put Eye(s) because when adjusting one the other may need some adjustment as well.