Tommy1441's Sketchbook

Hi Guys,

Well I built the courage to create my own Sketchbook, I’ll be posting a few things that I have done following tutorials of great artists like Andrew Price, Sardi Pax, Oliver Villar amongst other.

Hope you follow me in this journey and like what I do. Thanks in advance to all of you that take the time to follow me [thumbs up] to all of you.

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My first ever render following “tutor4u” tutorial

Being a bit ambitious with materials here… I really like how it turned out.

Having a bit of fun modeling something well familiar.

A simple textured box, learning how to do so

My first serious scene setup, that grew from jus making the lamp into this whole scene

My take on Andrew Price’s tutorial on a realistic Earth

My first REAL project that has turned into this massive modeling/texturing monster for a newbie like me

That F-16 is looking sweeeeeeet!

Thanks Astro1derboy!! your work is impressive

IMO, the F-16’s Landing Gear is one of my favourite modeling experiences so far.

I’m so chuffed by how this test worked out…

PS. I hope I can soon have a new turntable video of the F-16 with some minor adjustments, like Nav lights and a few more moving parts and fully textured

A+, great job man. How long did it take you?

Thanks @ax2themax,

How long did it take you?

what?? the whole F-16 project or the landing gear??

As I mention on #1 of the F-16 WIP post, I took the project as a learning thing and seeing how much I had learned from the tuts that I had done, so there was a lot of going back and forth between my day job, doing tuts on particular issues I ran into and actual modeling and getting things right it took me a fair amount of time, but if I told you that it took me around a couple of weeks to gather all the reference images and a few more week in modeling and texturing and so forth I can say in whole it has taken me around 3 months give or take.

A couple of other Blender stuff, hope you guys like it!!

This next one I call it the Blue Marble :wink:

Drinks are on me!!! (thanks to Andrew’s beer tut)

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Decided to remake the Earth this time in cycles as Andrew’s was done in BI. IMO it turned out brilliant

And this is a logo of one of my friend’s studio

A bit of fun with my F-16 WIP…If you like it as a wallpaper, feel free to use…my gift to the Blender Community! Enjoy

Tommy Great model. one thing I notice is the canopy is a bit bulbus. It needs to taper back smooth

Thanks @squidmole, you are absolutely right, forgot to fix the canopy, got too excited with the whole texturing that I forgot about it…oops my bad :o

Here’s another little something for you guys to use as a wallpaper!!! Enjoy

Here’s another for you guys!
Things in the WIP are coming together nicely, although model is not finished

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A bit of good old school 3D (Red/Cyan glasses required) :RocknRoll:

Very cool!

Thanks @Astro1derboy! Just a bit of old school fun

One of the assets for the F-16…an AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile