Ton, what's with >>MONKEY in mesh menu?

(Dittohead) #1

So what’s the story behind the >>MONKEY mesh in mesh menu?

(steve343) #2

wow i didnt notice him

well i wanted a charcter for a lip sink and mabey character animation

and now i have him :slight_smile:

(SLID3) #3

The idea behind the monkey is that everything is twice as fun
as without a monkey.

take a party for example >add a monkey> twice the fun!

same goes for software >add a monkey> twice the fun!

Catch my drift ?


([email protected]) #4

Steve343 wrote: >wow i didnt notice him

he`s a she:)

her names Suzanne , …ain`t she cool!


(steve343) #5

sorry for the political incorect statment. :stuck_out_tongue: i shouldent asumed the monkey was a male monkey.

althow if it is female it sure looks like a bloke :stuck_out_tongue:

(kaktuswasse) #6

hrmpf, is it publisher only?

(dickie) #7

hrmpf, is it publisher only?


(wiensta) #8


this was discussed in the old publisher forum wayy before you publisher noobies arrived :slight_smile:

apparently suzanne is the name of an old NaN members girlfriend i think.

(Bapsis) #9

hrmpf, is it publisher only?

Acctually, just recently someone made a Monkey plugin for Maya, but personally I thought a plugin for v2.23 would have been a much better idea. :wink:


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