Tongue Shape key issue (New to blender)


I am very new to Blender, i’ve been messing around with it for about three weeks as of now. Long story short, i tried to create a character from scratch, it didn,t work out too well, so i imported a copyright free base and started over from there. All is well, everything is rigged and working fine… except one thing. The tongue is acting weirdly.

While i’m in Object mode, i open the mouth but the tongue doesn’t follow. (picture one)

but when i go into Edit mode, the tongue took its rightful place at the bottom of the mouth.

i’ve been searching youtube for 3 hours now but i can’t find the same problem anywhere else, so i’m at a lost here.

This might be interesting to add, but it might not. i’ll leave it here just in case. When i hit the Shape Key Edit Mode button (in edit mode) the tongue goes back to the wrong place.

Lastly, but i think that’s something i can fix on my own, i think the clothes are following the tongue.

I tried a lot of things from a lot of random tutorials but nothing is fixing it… Any takers on this weird problem of mine?

Thanks! Dakes.

Look for any other sources of deformation for the tongue. Those could be other non-zero-value shapekeys, they could be modifiers (most often, an armature modifier), they could be something else that I’m not thinking of.

Best thing to do is see what happens when you pin the “open mouth” shapekey (the pushpin icon) and disable the display of all modifiers.

Alright! Sweet info, i’ll start with this! Thanks

I can’t explain what exactly i did (I miss-clicked something) and i noticed the ‘‘relative to’’ shape key thing (sorry but i really don’t have a better word for it) was set on the wrong one… I’m not even sure when i made more than one, but hey, it’s fixed. Thanks so much!