Tons of animations to Unity?

Take an example of Tom Raider Underworld. That game had over 2000 animations for Lara.

Exporting a character with 2000 actions directly as a Blend file to Unity would take approximately 3 months to import.

Also, if successful, how would one manage to notice or make sure that ALL animations were imported correctly from a simple list in Unity, scrolling and scrolling…?

Myself and many others have for years struggled to export FBX characters to Unity with all animtaions intact. It is said that if your action is missing, simply click the “plus” sign in Unitys animation list, and it will magically appear. That may be correct if you have let’s say 3 actions. But if you have 2000, that would be a hassle. Also there are other “tips and tricks” to get it working, but it is very unstable and not everything is working for everybody.

Most people manage to bring over an Idle and a Walk cycle successfully and tell others that this and that technique works, but it simply doesn’t when it comes to huge number of animations.

Is there any rock soild way to get ALL Fake User actions from Blender to Unity, manage them nicely and update them when they do not work as intended?

I know that one can export FBX pure animations and add them to your character in Unity, but I haven’t tried it yet. Could that be the answer? Simply Exporting animations separately all the way?

Yes, exporting animations to single .fbx files makes things much easier to handle.

Here’s an example of a batch export script:

Thank you for that! I’ll try it out and see how it goes :slight_smile: