Tony Stark

(Camos1011) #21

Oh, nevermind!
Very faint Chromatic Aberration around the earring.
I almost missed that.

I caught more blurred fine CA.
CA and Blurred Bokeh DOF.
More can be seen the further you zoom in which is incredibly detailed.

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(Michele Marcelli) #22

Really a nice work!!! 5 stars!!!

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(FXR) #23

outstanding likeness and modelling.

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(Old_Demon) #24

Гавном это пиндосское гавно всегда было есть и будет, как и его продвижение в виде авторских работ :slight_smile:

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(özgür) #25

Great work, congrats.

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(Red Panda Kingdom) #26

So Dope this is so awesome

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(Per Olsen) #27

I think that even a picture is not looking 1:1 like “the real thing” - your brain will, in a split sec., compensate for any discrepancy, but it can also focus in on small “errors” that you would not notice…

I have been looking at this test Face Expressions Test and I wonder if we would even notice the small errors/extras that animators focus on. Then try to look at a newsreader, with the sound off… you will notice that that looks “unnatural”, however the unnatural happens because your brain was free to focus on parts that you would normaly just not get…


(XeroShadow) #28

That model is spot on! It almost looks like a real picture.

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(Jaol) #29

Hey, looks great!

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(Yudit1999) #30

I haven’t use Zbrush in my personal projects. I absolutely play around with it but I haven’t use it in a real projects. Maybe in the future.

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(Yudit1999) #31

Thank you very much for the feedback!


(Yudit1999) #32

I see… Thank you very much for the feedback.

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(Camos1011) #33

No problem :slight_smile:

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(sleeper g) #34

Spectacular. You had to use udeims right?

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(Yudit1999) #35

What is udeims?

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(sleeper g) #36

I meant udim’s. They’re seperate UV maps for a single object like for a character, the head"s UV would be on its own island. This is useful for using really high-res textures on a subject.

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(Caleb Gamboa) #37

I think that the only thing that is wrong is that he should have a more natural color and have more shine from skin oils. That’s it just wanted to put my 2 cents in :wink:


(sleeper g) #38

You’re too cool for your oiwn good. AWESOME SAUCE!

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(FXR) #39

Its the “artist Syndrome,”

The artist has a strong accurate mental image of a character.

And as he/she works at bringing that image into an accurate likeness, it will always “appear to the artist” as coming close to the mark.

Because, in actuality, every stroke of the brush, every added polygon to the mesh DOES BRING an artistic image more to life!! giving flesh to creative thought.

Which the disciplined artist recognizes will “eventually” become an accurate likeness. Sooner or later.

Thats precisely why communal feedback IS SO VITAL TO THE LEARNING CURVEll

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I don’t know what to say, just… great job, it looks like a photo :+1:

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