Too difficult scene to track

Hi, I have a a shot thats semm to be REALLY hard for Blender too track.
The problem is that the markers newer stay in the frame for long since I constantly turned the camera as I walked.
I let Blender “detect features” to get a lot of trackmarkers throughout the clip. So in the end I had more trackmarkers than I could count and the camera failed, as expected :(:(:(.
I can’t split up the clip since my object is supposed to move around and so always stay in frame.

So here is the question: what should I do? :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

I never use Detect Features. I always place my own on spots that are likely to maintain a good track. Remember, in order to get the camera solve you’ll need a segment of the clip where you have at least 8 markers visible for a while. That’s the segment that you’ll set your Keyframes to.

Steve S

What do do you mean when you say you constantly turned the camera. Did you turn it back and forth, like someone looking around while walking, or did you turn the camera to keep it centered around a position while walking around it.

My plan was to track in a character who first stand still and then run away.
I wanted to walk to in front of him, go around him as he stand still and then follow him as he is running. To do that my camera had to turn around constantly so he was in frame (mostly) all of the time.

Furthermore I’ve given up on this shot, I’ve also tried to track it with Voodoo camera tracker and it failed too.

Can you upload it somewhere? Maybe it can be done.

That doesn’t really surprise me. If a shot is hard to track for one piece of software, it is probably also hard for another. An exception is perhaps Mocha.
If I understood correctly, the planar tracking in Mocha can be configured to track features through a plane, instead of tracking the plane through the shot.
I have never used Mocha myself, but I think I saw something like this in a tutorial once.

Thanks for everything. I’ve decided to re-shot it with much less movement.