Too high poly for bge?

Hi, I made a ambulance car model (actually it isn’t 100% done, like the windows are not ready and the inside isn’t textured) but here you can see how it looks like now:

2695 verts. and 4700 faces/tris.
My question:
is that too high poly for in the BGE?

[SUB]PS. I will make a model that is low poly as collision bounds for the ambulance and give the ambulance itself no collision, I think that will increase the peformance, won’t it?

[/SUB]PS. PS. Do you like the model/texture? (first succesful finished car model of me) :smiley: I used this model: as example but because its only for personal use I modelled it myself.

Don’t try to optimise unless you face performance issues. That polycount is nothing even in 2007 standards, though it looks mid quality.

Since I use a gtx970 and I’m not able to use a less good gpu I don’t know how this is gonna work on other pc’s… I’ll use this model in my game project… Thanks for your reply.
again: Do you like the model and texture, any tips?

These days most people have got an OK graphics card, the polys aren’t really a problem (Blender is now pretty good at self optimization, and you can use occlusion culling and/or levels of detail to get even better performance).

What are you going to use it for? Can it be driven, how big will it be on screen?

I probably wouldn’t bother modeling the inside myself, just add some reflective windows, like this:

Mapped to Normal projection instead of UV.

Well, the ambulance will be one of the most important things in my game project :slight_smile: the player needs to drive it and must be able to go inside aswell in front as in the back of the ambulance. Thanks for your information I’m happy with the model I think. May I use that texture for the windows(credit or something)?

Oh, in that case, then yes, it’s a good level of detail. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: Did you use the edge split modifier around the doors?

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

It’s worth remembering that back in 2007, in Unreal Tournament 3, characters had 5000-6000 polygons (and being animated by a skeleton, they were polygons that were more expensive to render than static polygons). Admittedly the renderer in Unreal Engine was probably more efficient than the BGE but it wasn’t intense for the hardware at the time, and it’s trivial for hardware today.