"Too Late"

“Too Late”

The rain was dissolving the unending regret.

A recreation of this illust. done by Amatsuki Rei, (2nd picture) used in Yasuha’s song entitled “Too Late”.

Some models are handmade, some from Sketchfab. Textures from Polyhaven, Textures(.)com and Google. (hehe) Character from Mixamo.




I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow, thank you for featuring this artwork!

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So I think the image looks really cool, and I actually like it better than the image it’s a recreation of, but it’s important to remember with Sketchfab the vast majority of assets a CC-BY at a minimum, which means you are required to credit them if you use them in your work.

Simply stating that the image uses assets from Sketchfab is not a proper Creative Commons compliant attribution. Luckily when you download the model, Sketchfab provides you with the proper text for attribution so it’s pretty easy to credit the creators correctly:


I know Creative Commons can be confusing to people who are new to it, so it’s easy to make a mistake like this.


Oops, sorry, my bad. I’ll add full credits to every artwork on my acc. here, as well as my other social media acc.

(There are some minor edits in some of the models
as well as textures)

Polyhaven -
by Rob Tuytel
“Brown Planks 05”
“Rusty Metal 02”
by Dimitrios Savva, Rob Tuytel
“Wood Peeling Paint Weathered”

Mixamo -
“Megan” Character

Sketchfab -
by Shedmon
“Fluorescent Lamp”
“Red Pipe”
by Others
“Blue Whale - Textured” by Bohdan Lvov
“Faucet” by BojanBabic
“Killer Whale” by Abner Wu
“Metal Pipe” by Veninhu
“Modular Pipes” by Lashley
“Waste construction wood” by matousekfoto

Textures(.)com =
“MetalVarious0033” Texture

Other -
“Black and White Splatter”
“Rubber Texture”
“Underwater Caustics” by Alex R Heskett


Sorry, I meant to also explain CC-0, but I was multitasking and forgot. Polyhaven is actually CC-0 so attribution isn’t required (though it’s never bad to give credit, but it’s not required like with CC-BY). The Open Game Art Under Water Caustics image is CC-0 as well (Tutorial looks cool though, so I’m bookmarking it)

I think textures . com has their own variation of Royalty Free type licensing. Anyway credit appears to only be required when distributing the models themselves.

I actually have no idea about the Mixamo models though. Aside from “don’t use it to train Machine Learning/AI” it’s a whole lot of legalese.

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Ahh I see, well just to be safe I went ahead and added the Polyhaven ones and Textures(.)com ones. That way I don’t also forget any credit that is actually required to give.