Too Many Tabs In Button Window Overlapping...Help?

Alot of the time, when I click " new material" a number of tabs show up, and begin to overlap, so every time I have to drag the tab and merge it into a different one. Every time! is there anyway to configure it to always merge when too many tabs show up?

go to the buttons.
right click.
pick the one you want.

No, what I mean is the pannels within the button sections,

For example, the preview, Links and pipelines, material, ramps, ect. All in the material Tab overlap, and I need to manually orginize them each and every time. Im asking if there is a way to set it so its always like that.

(Save current Deafult Settings does not do it either)

umm that is what i am talking about.
go to the buttons tab…right click and pick one of the option that come up when a menu pops up…geez don make me post up a screenshot.:no:…i am wasted:p

While Trak Wreka sobers up, allow me to help you. Each panel has a small down arrow in the upper left hand corner. Click that and the panel collapses to just a strip, and the arrow now points sideways, saying “click me to expand the panel back again”. You can also zoom and pan the buttons window by holding CTRL and clicking and holding down the Middle Mouse button and moving the mouse up and down. You pan the window left-right by dragging with the middle mouse button, the same way you do the 3D view.

No no no, there is plenty of room, its just the tabs for some reason bunch all up together, I belive I fixed it though, I went Right Click- Panel Alligment->Horizontal.

That seemed to fix it, but will it stay like that in the future?

You must have RMB-> Panel Alignment -> Free somehow (bottom choice) in the buttons window . If you have set it to horizontal or vertical you should fix the problem if it happens again .
And yes it is always a good idea to pay attention to the prompts that occur - you never know in Blender unless you’ve memorized all the hot keys to not simply accept them . Most “odd” behaviors happen when people just accept a prompt without paying attention .

I see. Overall Im quite Impressed with Blender. ( I recently Switched yesterday,) Finding it quite easy.

But I wonder, do I have to save the Defults everytime I do something I want to keep?

(Such as have Panel Alingment to Horizontal)?

No . Not for those things or windows placement or most things other then color/themes which you can assign from the user pref window up at top .
Blender has a quite an austere attitude about defaults/saves in general . I think it assumes whatever happens is how you want it - including getting rid of the “are you sure you want to quit and do you want to save your file” types of prompts which can be annoying (for me anyway) . But like I said just remember to pay attention to the prompts and stay away from pressing “Enter” until you are comfortable with the default hotkeys . After that you will poop out work faster then in a lot of programs because it kinda forces you to use hotkeys rather then rely on the GUI (and the resulting searching around for the tabs and buttons to get work done and the slowdown from that ) .
Hope you have a good productive experience with Blender .

Great! You got me worried for a second, I though every time I wanted something new and wanted it to stay, I would have to Save Defults every time!

Because of Blender, I now habitually save everything in any application at least once every ¼ hour as a course of habit.

Is this a good or bad thing? Who knows. :eyebrowlift:

If you want to save a particular set-up as the default then yes, you need to CTRL-U it to save it that way. But for each individual project, the screen is saved how you leave it.

Also, after you’ve been working on one project for a while and have tweaked your layout some more, you can then hit A - X for delete all and do a CTRL-U, then go use regular open (not “most recent” or anything more automatic) to open an older project with “LOAD UI” turned off, to migrate the newer settings over.

(Personally I keep a Starter Scene file, and I always load this file first and CTRL-U IT back into my default settings first.)