"Too Much Vegan" Scene

Hello! I’m working on this scene of a man who’s eaten too much vegan food. I don’t especially want it to be photorealistic, as you might tell, but I’d like to make it look more interesting and more comic. <br>Maybe the lighting should be better? Anyway, it would be nice to get some focused critiques from you:)
I might submit this to Andrew Price’s competition, so I’m a bit pressed to finish this.


The lighting is pretty nice actually, the materials on most of the objects look pretty neat as well.
The character position is a bit weird though, normally the table doesn’t reach the shoulders unless you’re leaning back really far.
Having an inflated belly being visible could also help sell the story better.
Is it the intention to make it look like the character ate all the food from the plates and the bowls on the table? Because they look too clean to have been used.

Thanks for the quick answer!
It’s still a work in progress, so I didn’t add “dirtyness” to the plates and bowls yet, I don’t really know how I will do it however…
I agree the character looks a bit too low compared to the table.

Honestly looking at the image got the impression that the guy hasn’t eaten vegetables, he smoked them.

Hahaha :smiley: …“he smoked them”… Thanks for the laugh!
About the picture, my first thought was, what has this to do with vegan food? I see it says veggie burger on the blackboard, but I dont quiet understand the link to a vegan diet. I think you can overeat on anything but vegan :wink: the guy definitely looks terribly sick though. What’s the title of the competition btw?

Oh, and I like the soft, atmospheric lightning as well

Haha, that’s another plausible interpretation

Thanks @marekv, yeah I know it’s pretty hard to overeat vegan food, but I got the idea because the character looked like a hipster, who could well be vegan, and I thought it would be funny if he was sick from vegan food. Plus I know more and more people who become vegan and try to convince me, so I guess I’m also kinda fed up of all this ‘movement’… And it would pretty funny to see someone getting sick of vegan food:)

And the BlenderGuru competition is on characters

here’s the final image


Nice work, but maybe will be better to add little more depth in to the eyes?
I can advice to you this character eyes tutorial:

I found them couple of weaks ago.