Too stupid to install Addon properly

Okey guys,

we want to use this addon in blender to stabilize drone gopro panorama footage.

In the vimeo video the workflow is explained at about 4:40min. But in our tool window we just dont have this panorama button after installing into scripts-addons. I already tried to install the addon in different folders but it
didn´t help…

If I go to user preferences - Addons - and type in “panorama” there is an entry for the addon. So maybe I installed it right?

So, please guys, which step am I missing? Super beginner question, but I just dindßt get it…

Install the addon using the ‘Install from File’ button at the bottom of the addons panel and select the .py fiel you downloaded, ensure you enable the tickbox on the right to enable it

In the Movie Clip Editor look under the Misc tab