Tools for working with curves


I’ve been working on Rhino until now, and I’m completely new to Blender.

  1. I’m looking for tools to work with curves.
  2. I can’t find the excision Curved Blender - Trim tool in Rhino.
  3. I came across this picture on Google, the curve tool shown in it is what I need. ANYONE KNOW WHO THE TOOL IN THE PIC IS AND WHERE I CAN FIND IT. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!

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It’s a proposal:

original blender has (after adding a curve in edit mode… hit TAB) just some minor curve feature… because it’s more a polygon editing tool than a true curve and surface app…


I think the Curve Tools addon may help, it has options to boolean curves.
Edit > Preferences > Addons > Search for curve > Curve Tools, activate and it will be in the n panel under edit.

For example:
Under Edit > Intersect > 2D Curve Boolean
will cut the shape of one curve into another.