Toon Airplane Pack v2

Hello Blender Developers,

We’re happy to announce our updated [B]Toon Airplane Pack v2! This awesome pack contains a bunch of new assets, textures, animations and a demo island scene where you can see all our art in action. It is live on our Unity Asset Store for [B]$45. All files are in fbx format, so if you get the pack through Unity, you can re-import it into Blender (unfortunately you loose the demo island in the process as its created within Unity). Check below for the full list of what this includes.

In the mean time, here are some demo scenes:
[B]Demo 1
Demo 2
Note that the pack does not contain scripts

And some screenshots:

The package contains:

  • 5 Stylized airplanes.
  • 1 Airship.
  • 1024x1024 normal, specular and diffuse textures.
  • Airplane models range between 1200 to 1600 triangles.
  • Movable controls: aileron, rudder, elevator and propeller.
  • Collision mesh for each model, set up inside a Prefab.
  • PSD files for creating new airplane liveries.


  • 4 Airport buildings.
  • Over 20 environment assets.
  • Gas and Firefighter trucks.
  • Building animations.
  • Demo island scene.

We’re also happy to hear any comments you may have. Thanks and please keep supporting our work!
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