Toon Setting

Tried this with Manuel Bastioni and Chocofur material. I will post process this image.

Always been interested in comics, and blender.

I have been browsing this forum, and saw that several people are already posting great renders.

So here is some catch-up, and learning curve.

I intend to have something like Rogue Trooper as the final render. (Blue Skin, armour belt, weapon).


This is a tiger tank made by “Locomotive_works” at turbo squid that I downloaded for free to see if I could get a 3d render that could pass for a good background for a comic. I like!


Pretty much none of the props are original. I used all from CC license provided. I am not going to use this image for commercial purposes, rather a learning curve for the resources I have at my disposal.

Manuel Bastoni provided the humanoid form.

Chocofur - I used some materials.

Owldude Blender Hair (Blenderswap) - used materials from.

HAV (scifi tank).zip by parleee

Boots is from:
maurizio-barabani -

I use this 3 threads regularly for ideas and inspiration.