toon shading in a Blender game?

hi all!

is it possible to do toon shading in a blender game?
my game would look a lot nicer with it, and i really want it! :slight_smile:

If you have GLSL, you can simply change the shading type to “toon” in the materials panel. You’ll probably want to adjust the smooth and size values to get a good result.

mmm its not that type of toonshading!
its more like this:

i know how to do that, but i don’t know how to do that in the game engine! :frowning:

the old fake method:

  1. duplicate your model
  2. assign a black and shadeless material on it
  3. flip normals
  4. go edit mode and use alt+s to move vertices along the normals - to define edge thickness
  5. start game engine

so this is an old fake method but it works with texture face material mode

but I think it is not hard work to make a 2d cartoon filter

Yeah, I made a 2d filter not too long ago that does this; what you can do is have the filter compare the colors next to it and see if the difference is large enough, and if it is, make that color black.