Toon Shroom Of Doom

I want to share my entry for the Unity Community Art Challenge - May 2015 - The Shroom Of Doom with you.
Modeled, sculpted and textures baked in Blender. Photoshop for the textures.

Limitation for the challenge: 6.000 Vertices.

For the textures I tried to work with photos but eventually switched to a toon style painted by hand. I had a hard time finding colors that work together well. Still not entirely happy with it. That’s something I have to practice more often, I guess.

This image shows a few of the changes the model went through:

The final model on sketchfab:

Toon shroom of doom by thehood on Sketchfab

The toon outlines are a copy of the same mesh, scaled along normals (Shrink/Fatten), with normals flipped and a black material.


nice character. One suggestion: You could use a particle system to scatter little white bits on his head ( like amanita muscaria ).

Looks awesome!:smiley: