Toonify Yourself - AI website: check this out!

…so, THIS looks really cool (haven’t tried it myself yet):

Is this the end of HUMAN MODELLING in the CG industry? :slight_smile:

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This would be cool if I could download the model into Blender.

Well, they looks like toons.
But a human would probably make more pertinent choices to produce a more recognizable caricature.
So, for the moment, it looks like AI will just steal jobs to bad artists with correct technical skills but no sense of observation.

Now, that only depends on what part of market would be interested to obtain a vaguely resembling toon avatar for what cost.
Maybe anyways, paying a human is already too costly for this market.
So, anyways, the fact that a machine can do it will only create a market that does not exist, yet.

To really impact current artists, the AI needs to be more trained to take more pertinent choices. Currently, it looks like if it accentuates a trait of a character that makes it recognizable. It just had luck.

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If the algorithm is consistent and can produce a whole footage from the original, we can expect some experiments in the near future

i thought the same. of course those experiments with GANs are fascinating but here i found all of the results really bad.