Toonshaded medievel soldiers

(leondroog) #1

These models will shrunk down to be sprites in my new medievel strategy game.

edit:fixed the link.

(rogerm3d) #2

geocities cant do direct linking to images so please post a link to it instead.

(leondroog) #3

I noticed the link didn’t work (it seemed to work when I previewed te message thouge. strange). Anyway, fixed the link.

(S68) #4

Nice models.

Now you need mounted knights :wink:


(leondroog) #5

I’m actually working on a mounted knight right now 8)

(BgDM) #6

WOW! Those look great.

They seem a little plain, but it works.


(wewa_juicyb) #7

I like it! your soldiers look like Lombroso (spelling?) types though… Just a suggestion, maybe you should subdivide the meshes so that you get rid of the cartoonlines that are not on visible edges, as is it looks like your soldiers have a Wire mesh overt hem… nice over all though.


(leondroog) #8

I used shadeless materials for the units, so that the units would look more cartoonlike. I wanted to shade the models a bit but i couldn’t get a nice contrasting shades so that the units would still look cartoonish as oposed to smooth shades.

Subdividing and smoothing didn’t help very much erasing the gridlines . Anyway I somehow like those thin lines, it makes the models look les flat.

(Friday13) #9

If these knight models will be shrunk down in the game, the grid lines won’t be visible.

Cool toon shading BTW :slight_smile: