Toothpaste package design

I made this Toothpaste mockup as a part of a collection of package design that i´m working on, to facilitate design students working process. Free to download at my website:


? Gold " tooth-paste " ???

i also do not think that anyone uses “tin” for the tubes nor the newer aluminized plastic
so the shiny top of the tube is questionable

ok, i wasn�t trying to do something tradicional… but the metalic tubes was very normal when i was young… here in Brazil the toothpaste tubes was made in metal, aluminium.


I think the glossy/metal tubes look swanky and probably cost more than I like to spend on toothpaste. The box looks like it should have a bottle of classy perfume in it.

Genius. A fresh take on a classic tradition. Do you have more mock ups? I’d like to see them.