Top-Down Space Game

Through the asteroids


I am currently working on a top-down space game. You are a spaceship and have to shoot all you enemies before they shoot you to death. Your spaceship shoots red lasers. The current gameobjects is two different turrets (one laser turret that fires yellow lasers, and one rocket turret that shoots rockets that explodes), a space mine called a “Space Guardian”, and asteroids. I have added other objects later which are not mentioned here…

The game is filled with glowing lasers and explosives everywhere. It is just like a gigantic sci-fi war in space. There is currently no goal in the game, but I will find one!

The game is only made out of Logic Bricks and no Python Scripts. I am learning how to use Python with Blender, so maybie I will add some scripts later to make the game more flexible.

I will upload some screenshots of the progress soon. Maybie also a video.

Youtube Video


The blend file has an empty world, and you will have to make the world by yourself. All the objects like cannons or asteroids are groups I have made, so you find them by going to “add” and choose “group”. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks cool :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: Im making my enemy spaceship model now.

Cool :slight_smile: Post it when your done :wink:

yes, i will do. :smiley:

Looks cool! The erath’s ocean could use a bit of detail though… Other than that, it seems to have a very entertaining art style. Keep it up!


Im not sure if im going to use the earth in the background. It was just a test. :slight_smile: