Top Gun(ish) Scene

Tried to remake a scene from Top Gun movie. Mostly done in blender but light flares + color grading + some compositing with the atmospheric mist in After Effects.

Here’s a link to 15sec long animation of this:

Jet fighter model by Ameer Studio:


Very cool, I really liked the animation, it was great!
I made a joke these days, an animation that came to my mind, if you want to take a look I hope you like it, just CLICK HERE.

Looks good and cool anim :+1:

Really thought Ae was just yer run of the mill motion graphics app but when recently browsing through Video Pilot’s channel actually proved otherwise, to be the case.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

F-15 in a carrier?


Was this rendered in Cycles? Did you do the flags as cloth simulations? What about the ocean and background, is that video or did you actually do a large ocean body sim (which I would guess would need to happen in Houdini or other app since I don’t believe Blender is capable of this level of realism).

EDIT – actually on closer inspection the ocean could be and probably was done in Blender.

Great work, very realistic.

I’ve been getting this a lot. :smile:
What can I say. I’m not plane enthusiast and didn’t dig deep enough in my research apparently.


Yes it’s Cycles.
Flags are just planes with fair amount of geometry and simulated with cloth, wind and turbulence physics.
Also the ocean was made in Blender, used Ocean modifier for baking two variations of displacement maps to prevent tiling. Then mixed those with noise texture on reeeaally big plane with some geo and adaptive subd modifier. You should check Dylan Neill from youtube, he has all this explained.


:smiley: Still nice work. I like the Remove Before Flight tags waving to the wind it, adds realism and the animation is also quite good.