Toph Beifong

The legendary earthbender

Toph Bei Fong – from Avatar: The Last Airbender

I love Avatar soo much and I really wanted to see some Avatar renders, you’ve done a good job at trying to keep it cartoony and 2D aswell.

I really like it and would love to see Aang or something so keep it up

Cool, I’d love to see

Awesome, love avatar the last air bender. Is this a freestyle render or toon shaders? I would love to see more!

also fan of the last airbender. I would try to make it 3d cartoon like. I hate all those attempt to get a drawing out of render. you can tell it is 3d.

@ryan, it’s both freestyle and toon shading. rendered in BI

thanks guys
here’s another one then

the last airblender

great job!

thank you :slight_smile:

now, about that fracture modifier :smiley:

lol :smiley:
i actually did a test about 2 years ago with just a particle system and boolean modifier and no fractures at all.

clears throat here’s an update