(Nayman) #1

I have been working all summer on my spider-man movie, and ghuess what, our lead actress jsut fucking droped out!

The rest of cast and crew and i are fuming… and we are up river with a hole in our boat and no paddle.

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there arent by any chance any good looking, red (or brown) haird, 17-19 year old girl that live in metro toronto, are good actors, and have some free time on these boards… are there?

I am dying

I actually cried… SHIT

$2000 bucks into this movie, 2 months, blood, sweat, and tears… and now i have to refilm so fucking mcuh!

(sorry for being so angry, but i am)

Anyhoo, any words of advice?

(The Lurker) #2

Make the next one sign a contract so you can sue the crap out of her if she quits. Sorry dude show your test animation looks good

(digitalSlav) #3

recreate her ass in 3d! :stuck_out_tongue:

(IMProvisar) #4

Yes… rewrite the script so her character becomes horribly disfigured and ugly… get some revenge out of it. :wink:

I know it’s got to be tough. It reminds me a bit of what happened with the Fugitive. (Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones, '91?). One of the semi-major characters, the actor took ill (actually, the bad guy who set Dr. Kimball up). Unfotunately, he was in a scene with Harrison before the beard was shaved, and the actor took ill after Harrison shaved the beard! If you’ll notice, there’s a short cut in a scene where Harrison’s beard looks funny… because it’s a fake beard, shot with the new actor after the real beard was shaved.

Luckily, they did a good job with it, and I didn’t notice there was a spot with a fake beard until they talked about it, lol.

Um… can’t say much except, the show must go on. shrugs

Also reminds me… remember the Gladiator? Of course… remember the old retired gladiator dude… the one who bought Maximus? The actor died before filming his last scene, I think it’s the one where he hands Maximus the keys, right before the Praetorians (guess that’s who stormed his place) killed him. That scene (not the one after, where he was killed) was done with a 3d fake. Again… damn good job, I wouldn’t have noticed if they didn’t talk about it.


(cree) #5

Actors will eventually be replaced by 3d because real ones are impossible to work with. If 3d characters develop fat egos, you can always delete them.

(pofo) #6

But then you’ll have to deal with the virtual characters’ rights groups :wink:

  1. pofo

(IMProvisar) #7

Here’s a thought… “My computer model doesn’t do nudity… you’ll have to get a 3dBody double.” rofl


(cree) #8

But then you’ll have to deal with the virtual characters’ rights groups :wink:

  1. pofo[/quote]

Oh, I forgot to mention the virtual characters’ screen guild :slight_smile:

(cree) #9

You’ll also have spend 3 million $ to insure the 3d body double’s legs :slight_smile: ( Especially if her name is Silicon Stone.)

(cree) #10

Ever see those Brisk commercials where the claymation characters go on strike?

(CubeFan973) #11

Simple, just create a duplicate and delete the ego. Or just throw out the nudity or the scene, supposing it’s not a huge one! Or maybe just delete the ego off the real one.

Anyway, I agree:

Yes… rewrite the script so her character becomes horribly disfigured and ugly… get some revenge out of it. [/quote]

How do you model someone to be horribly ugly while still making her look like her and not George Bush? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: 8) :wink:

How do you do model a realistic human being, anyway, aside from getting off your lazy butt and just attempting it?

PS: Just tried to model a head… yuck! It doesn’t look good until you render… anyway, haven’t added hair, ears, eyes, nostrils, pores, and other stuff.

(CubeFan973) #12

NOTE: For the 3D person, just make a HUGE SPIDER! Rewrite the story so that the Mary-Jane character (that IS who the girl who left was playing, right?) has been making out with Peter too much and has turned into a mutant spider! Or, if it’s NOT Mary-Jane, just have whoever it was turn into one inexplicably! (Go Kafka-esque!)