Since it’s the end of the year(in most countries), I have a question: what did you do this year? Any accomplishments? trips? etc… Do you think '03 will be better, worst or the same(for YOU, not the world or your country!)?
Let me start:
I got a job. I traveled to Canada, Niagara Falls(driving-1000+ miles), Took my sisters to the Bronx Zoo, Museum of Natural History. Finally got more RAM, new HD, video card, and a cd burner. and some more stuff I can’t remember(or mention :wink: ).

So, how about you?

PS: learned to drive to NYC :wink:
PPS: visited(at last) “ground zero”. depressing.

Saw Attack of the Clones at midnight when it came out, learned to unicycle, had a bar mitzvah, got a new computer that’s much better than my old one, made a 1.5 minute short in Blender… that’s all I can think of so far.

stood in line and laughed at WH all night before the movie and then threw jujubees during the movie as to ruin the movie after such anticipation :wink: jk

got a new 'puter (FEEL THE POWER!)
got a small sailboat
got a job as a technowiz (database builder is the correct job description, but heh…)
organized a Blender meeting in Montreal
got elected website guy in school info club (I finally have THE key)
grew a beard (again)

I fear like I’m forgetting some stuff…
oh, yeah, I got one year older :expressionless:


Went skiing with some friends from school (had a blast)
NaN went down (bummer)
move to elysiun (woohoo!)
community saves blender (woohoo again!)

not a lot of downs this year actually. just the usual stuff, war, death, murder.

I guess a year was a good year if you can’t remember the downsides.


The good:

  1. Celebrated my sons first birthday.
  2. Got my new job offer finally. Start in new year. :smiley:
  3. Stayed another year with my wife and kids (:wink: j/k honey!)

The bad:

  1. Father in law passed away of heart attack in July. Worst feeling I have ever had.
  2. Grandfather passed away in November. We were expecting it, but still sucks.


sorry about your loss BgDM. Thankfully the only relatives I’ve lost were my great-grandparents…I hate death, not afraid of dying but of feelings.

Saw “Memento,” “The Apartment,” “Double Indemnity,” “The Singles Ward,” “Waking Life,” “Pi,” “The Green Mile,” “God’s Army,” “Brigham City,” “The Other Side Of Heaven,” and just about a hundred others that I can’t think of. (saw “Cube” in 2001, during a Christmas marathon)
Got 2 DVD players at Easter; after fighting over them, I got one for myself, and my siblings get their own, too!
Got out of 6th Grade Hell! Yay!
Saw “Waking Life!” (I said it before, but hey, it’s really good!)
Got “The Singles Ward,” “Toy Story,” and something else for my birthday!
Got a whole bunch of junk for Christmas! (Still playing “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2” on my dad’s PC! It’s the only one it will work on that I tried.)
My sister got Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go” for her birthday! (Hey, she rocks! Don’t argue with it!)

I started 1 project which died quickly. (Blender: The Musical) “Plotless Film” is still in limbo, “AP1538” had to be cut down to 16 episodes, and I haven’t started on my most recent project (a real-time Blender game which I plan to sell on eBay).

Dudley Moore, Dave Thomas, and many others died. :frowning: :’-(
Blender almost got it’s head chopped off by Maya, the Game Engine being SOLD by NaN, and very, VERY, VERY bad planning by NaN to sell Publisher 2.25 for $299 at the least. At least we got them back on their feet! Yay!
My brother keeps talking non-stop about the most pointless of boring animes and movies. No matter how much I tell him to shut up, he’ll keep talking. At least I got a portable CD player and 3 cool CDs for Christmas (one of which I bought for myself with a gift card), and can listen to the music of the ATeens and Triple Image (or some other stuff) rather than to his annoying chatter!
I had to become “CubeFan973,” leaving iMyst for dead somewhere in time, space, and the old blender.nl forums.
I started 2 heinous flamewars, “Youth Rights” and “Blender Joke.” (I was dumb and didn’t realize how debated youth rights were. I made an off-hand comment about my own joke, which led to a flamewar about religion, nudity and porn.)
Worst of all, I entered 7th grade Hell! AAAHHH!!! The plot of “Welcome To The Dollhouse” kind of reminds me about school–except the kid who threatens to rape the main character throughout the film.

And the year isn’t even over just yet for me (I’ve got about 9 hours left)! I’m probably going to go to Blockbuster and get “Waking Life” again! Yay! (If not, I’m planning on looking for “Head” anyway, which I haven’t seen yet, but really want to, and also “Slacker” for good measure.)
Unfortunately, my brother wants to get 3 movies there, none of which I think I care for (he wants “Fellowship Of The Ring: Extended Edition,” which I think might be longer than it actually is). Okay, so “Clerks Uncensored” (the animated series of “Clerks”) is interesting, but there’s only one episode I haven’t seen.
Worse, my parents think R-rated movies like “Slacker” and “Waking Life” (both of which are made by Richard Linklater) shouldn’t be taken into our household. This from two people who saw “Schindler’s List,” which contains nudity. Okay, so they hated that part, but come on! Also, they’ve seen “The French Connection,” “Alien,” and “The Blues Brothers,” all R-rated films. Okay, that was before they formed the idea of R-rated movies being “bad” in my religion, but yeesh–those are WAY worse than “Waking Life!”

Well, this seems to be a really long post, so (clicks submit)

Speaking of bad, I forgat to mention the worst(stupidiest) thing I did in '02: Deleting my battleship NJ file!!!

got married, didn’t kill my kids, learned patience, did a lot of blending, started my own business, finally made a website, and finally got my python path setup right (yeah, now I can play with all the cool scripts)

had to rebuild engine in my mustang, too many bills, had to deal with too many ex-spouses.

year in balance, pretty good :stuck_out_tongue: