Shiver me timbers, afore I click-eed this here thread I thought ye was talkin’ about software pirates!


LIkewise me mateys.

For the record(argh), I celebrate this wondarful holiday every year. Aye! Go get scurvy!

Woot! teh warez on limewire pwns!! I has teh l22t appz!!

(men in dark suits, and glasses knock on the door)

Heh! modern day pirate lingo :stuck_out_tongue:

:no: To Davy Jones’ locker with ye.

Arrr, thur matey, i twas a thinkun along them same lines!

@mmph, ya lubber, are ya just a tryin to dilute me an ma mate’s talk with yer own scurvy riden excuse fer a talk!?!?! ye be walkin te plank afore ye know it! :evilgrin:

An get yer bosun to haul yer proper keyboard out 'o the locker.

avast mateys, what more do ya need? R! R! R!

Yarrrrr!!! Peaches ‘ill be keepin’ the scurvey away me thinks. So go lay down yer gold to fetch one now, matey!

Yarrr!!! this reminds my old head of the movie me and my ship mates are working on… so thee old captian will make me to this tread to get in the mood to do the CGI witch will be so aswome it will make us enough moneys to buy a new boat yarrharrdiehar!!!

Keelhaul the landlubber who dares tread on this here thread!

<if you really want to be grossed out, look up what they actually did when keel-hauling, and consider what barnacles would do to ye skin/muscle/etc…>

Arrh. What be this? Perhaps me’s been watching Pirates of the Caribbean to many times.

If I would start talking like a pirate, could someone promise me I’m not going to look like Jezebel the Webwench, Cap’n Slappy, Mad Sally the Lusty Wench or Ol’ Chumbucket? :o

Edit, wait… I’ll take that back. Some pirates are cute:

Herrr eyes arrr givin’ me shivers. Beam me up matey! Or something along those lines :RocknRoll:



Arr! I be sailin’ on the digital seas! Every Maya pirate shall walk the plank… xD (just kidding)…)


Yarr, ye ain’t benderin’ till ye’ve got seen some booty!

Yarr that was nice booty, now ah aim goin’ back ter work.

i like sponge bob, do it counts ?

Crew turns in Willington’s direction and pulls out cutlasses