just a very quick image i came up with last night in the institute… did the post pro this morning.




a (slightly) closer look



Came up with last night?? Talk about quick working:eyebrowlift:.
This is pretty top notch… if you’d told me it was photoshop I would’ve believed you.
Why is it called ‘13’, exactly?

That would be her IQ after having that much brain removed, obvious really.

Very nice Andy, Ive got to crit that the chest and shoulder loook a bit flat and featureless and the eyes don’t quite work, the spec looks very strange on them. But hey, still better than i can do on organics, and the post pro looks great.

4 stars.

Or perhaps showing just how much of your brain is being used when you’re 13…

I take he put the 13 part of the name in some hidden symbolism I don’t get.

Very good, you model and shade very quickly.

Something about the eyes doesn’t work at all. Maybe the lack of definition.

The mood and the post work comes out very nice though.


The hotspot in the right eye is a little distracting, and the hair is (IMO) killed by the post pro perhaps - I had to look closely cause it looked like some sort of motion blur

The eyes don’t look the same way imo, but then again he got shot with a .45t. But the hair and mushy rest of top skull pretty much nailed it. I once saw a boy on TV who shot himself with a .45Magnum at point black, well this was it (and he survived…).

But why 13?

When do you sleep ? ^^ For a “quick image” I think it is a success… I didn’t know that it was possible to do this so fantastic creation only during a night (even if you don’t sleep during this night ;))

That’s a nice way to put it… Just Kidding

Awesome image though I don’t understand what it means.

jesus! im gonna get nightmeres now! thx a lot!

Not your best piece. I agree with BgDm about the eyes, they just look weird here, too lifeless. To think of it, they kind of look like dolls eyes.

Has it something to do with trisomy 13 ?

damn that’s nice! talk about creepy :slight_smile: I’m digging the combination of beautiful and ugly which you put together here… I’m not sure what that’s called :wink: I dig that you have round, straight, and plenty of dirty in this image. great.

it’s good, but compared to other works of yours, this doesn’t even come close to that level. But… considering it was created in such a short period of time… that makes up for something I guess. Now go back to project peach, and make sure you put all of your inspiration in that and make it great:P

The eyes aren’t lifeless, too me, they don’t fit in because they are too alive. very creepy image. 13 isn’t a very good title as everyone else is saying.

side-burns of death…i’m guessing this is what happened to the last guy who made fun of your facial hair sculpting…

andy’s sideburns of death are crazy…i would not f**c with them…even if my life counted on it…

dont play…words to live by…



Please write tutorials :frowning:

13? He must have a thirteen-year-old daughter. I would guess the more developed part of the head represents the language center connected to nothing else.

I dig the lens-texturing effect. Id-Doom-like effect. Wormy, gothic.

Nice image, but i think you are putting in too heavy post pro in your image, it can be a little hard to see…