Okay… I luv off topic.

So… how many people think the world will end by 2012?
It’s ending in april this year for my country when mr shower power gets the presidency…but for the rest seems to be kissing its behind goodbye in 2012?

This is just a basic interest question… please try to stay on this off topic.

I would say the odds of the world ending in 2012 are the same as any other year.

Well not according to ancient Mezo-american prophecies etc. At least i read that somewhere, anyone clued up on this?

maybe 2000000012
But humans will be finished much before that.
The 2012 thing is just crap. There was one that said i’ll be all over in 2000

I think 2012 means the end of an era… not the end of the world.

Yes the end of an era :frowning: the era of 2011.

Well, it’s for sure rare that there are so many predictions for the year 2012. Some scientists predict solar storm peak for that year.

Others have even more wild predictions, where all past sci-fi stuff looks like a kindergarten… :slight_smile: On example: Enigma 2012, by David Wilcock:

Anyway, it’s interesting that are many deadlines set for that year, not only by NASA, but also by American as well as Russian army…

& of course, they are all wrong! :smiley:

I believe that in 2012 the mods will go to sleep for a day. On that day, a topic about religion will start. It will grow exponentially, as more people get involved, drawing in crowds from other forums and sites, until the topic reaches critical mass and implodes the internet.


Haha haha ha ha… I wish there was a short word that describes me laughing out loud.

Heck, that’s funny.
Listen to roofoo guys!!!

As for what will happen in 2012:
Look at the speed of new tech!
Did you hear(engadget a few days ago) researchers found ways to make CPU’s that could be like 100 Ghz which kicks butt of us 3.2 Ghz-ers showing off.

And all those patents from Apple… awesome tech!!
The camera in the screen!!!
Of course, you cannot, and some dumb mayans CANNOT predict the end of the world.
No one can.
This is just a dumb thread.

Boy, boys, we all know that 2012 is the zombie year, when zombies is gonna take over the world…
NO, wait, it whas an epic meteor, something…

No, it whas the alien year, thats it!^^

Mmmmm… Zommmmbies. :slight_smile:

My vote’s for zombies all the way. :smiley:

Some one should make a movie about zombies and the year 2012.

Haha the Mayans run out of rock:D

Oh and the world won’t end at 2012.

That was in our paper’s comics section months ago, it’s still funny as it really would explain everything.:smiley:

Nah, i think the answer is zombies, so does these guys: http://zombiesurvivalgroup.wetpaint.com/?t=anon lol

Has anyone ever put their computer clock to Midnight Dec 31st 2011 and waited for the clock to hit the following year. In theory this would cause the computer to have some strange effects like freeze or something as there is no point in the computer to know what happens after that.

I honestly dont think the world is going to end.

People have been saying the world is going to end for ages, and they’ve been wrong every single time.

Right after Y2K everyone just kinda forgot the hysteria, and moved along like nothing happened.

What I fear the most is self-fulfilling prophecy. The people who really believe the world will end in 2012 will probably make decisions reflecting their belief.

I’m hoping for a rebirth of the collective human consiousness, but that may not happen either :stuck_out_tongue: