Topology/modeling help wanted please

hello all, im working on a model and would like your help please with technique. im trying to have the right topology for when this curved end meets another part. i can leave it as is originaly, and it looks better but i want to have good foundations to work with. ive had troubles in the past with this sort of thing and can never seem to defeat this problem. help wanted thanks

so let me know if im on the right track here and where i should go next. or if i completely got the wrong idea ? thanks

First of all: in your left image the grid is a bit distracting. Looking in the blend-file someone can see that you try to use less polygons and the result is a triangle. Okay you don’t just copy the given topology because you wanna learn, then compare. Your Bulge is a different, do you like it that way; are you more low poly or wanna be more precise to? Maybe equalize the distances between points.
Tip: look at the model with ‘Mesh Analysis’ on and or with a shiny MatCap. That will show any “discomfort”.

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part b is what i have. part c is the part im copying ( has no verts i can see, just finished model) and in part b with matcap it doesnt look great. im wondering if the topology is right in part b

sorry if its confusing. part a is the basic simple part. part b is me trying to give it proper topology. i was wondering if this is good or what i can do better. as part b looks even worse then the basic part a

Ahhh now i see: well i think you are on the right path. Maybe the right side of the bulge has to be observed later. So just model on and handle it (pun intended) :wink: I played arround and you’re right: vertex pushing ahead

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ah ok thanks. yea its bulgy and weird but as long as im on the right path thats good

Hi, in this tutorial around 1:39 he shows how to model that part:

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This is fun actually. I played around little more, but to be honest my topology is not really good…
(Once again: depends on your plans: low poly with subdiv for normal baking or precise model?)
Your greasepencil stroke seems to mark your goal…(diff from ref)

And a last tip: don’t reference by 3d-models alway look at the real thing (here wikipedia) with multiple images and maybe look into why those things are made this way. there are reasons why craftmen do this for decades (and centuries). And have a look for ‘Arrimus 3D’ on YT. His Request videos are awesome ( for example Shotgun Grip i’ve seen this myself ) (okay that’s actually three tips)

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its a bit different though because that has a more circular thing to it. while what im trying to do has a sort of ending which is why is has all the extra edges to contain that corner and support it. but thanks for link theres some good stuff in here to watch

and yea okidoki that grease pencil was from past save states where i was working on that area but ive deleted many times and started over. and yea this thing is tougher then it looks

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