Topology/modelling help for retopo

I’m retopoing a shoe that I scanned and I’m asking for some help on how to model the triangular indents in this side of the shoe. I mirrored the topology from the other side, which doesn’t have the indents, so I have a base to work from.

Any help/rough guides, as to what the topology should look like is very welcome.

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I think this is the bones of it. I’ll experiment with putting the diamond tip inside the flat area so I then have an edge coming right up inside the triangle corner, but I’m worried it’ll add too much more geo in general. I’ll also need to see if it pinches too much when I add a sub-div on top.

This seems like a good final topology to aim for. What I’d do is first trace only the outlines of the triangles on the existing topology with the knife tool. The inner geometry can simply be created by insetting later.

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