topology questions

Ok, so I was using the video at cgcookie “Topology Overview: Male and Female Torso” by Jonathan Williamson as a reference to get the topology on my female body right.

So far I think everything looks great:

If you are familiar with the video you will probably realize that my topology is nearly an exact copy of the one which he did. I was wondering where I can learn general tips on where to put poles, edge loops, etc when modeling so I don’t need to go and directly rip off someone elses topology. This is slightly different in a couple places but I wouldn’t have ever done it without basically copying the one from cgcookie


For putting Poles and Loops, i would recommend the sticky Thread “Poles and Loops” in this Part of the Forum.

I started to go through it before posting but it seemed more like how to make poles etc than when it is good to put poles I will look closer

the general rules for good topology are relativly easy:
#1 follow the main muscle structure under the skin
#2 follow the main creases -> therefor use three edge loops, one main loop two supporting. here angela explains this technic for sintel.
#3 only use quads. they should be almost rectangle and the same size.
#4 if possible put poles where the geometry will not deform much when animated.

jonathans tutorials are the best guides for topology i have ever found. on blendercookie are tutorials for the head, the ear, the hands and the feet, too. for good examples you can download the sintel-lite file. angela uses nearly perfect topology for the back, the arms, the elbows and the fingers.

btw: everybody copies (at least parts of) topology from other artists. some topology is simply the best solution.

doing the shoulder is proving to be quite difficult.

Looking at the front you can see the top black line shows part of my main shoulder loop. The bottom black line is the clavicle coming around to the shoulder. The green and turquoise lines show where I want a loop for the shoulder to be. As it is now it’s an incomplete loop. I need to make it come up from the back. Looking at the back picture you can see the two spots i’m considering directing it up. I feel like the turquoise one is too far back from the actual main part of the shoulder.

Basically I want to know if I am doing ok and if anyone has any recommendations.