Topology Reference Modal

Hello fellow Blender Users,

Download .blend at the bottom of this post
Here is a Female basemesh modal with a completely Quad-Mesh.
My puropose for creating this modal was for people to have a modal that they could reference for clean topology.
But you can use if for purpose you want, basemesh for sculpting or whatever.
If you do something cool with this modal please post your result on this thread.

Here is a turntable

face shot:


Female_basemesh.blend (845 KB)

Nice base mesh. “Please post your results in this thread” is a little restrictive, since this thread may fall off the front page after a while and be hard to find. Consider giving it some version of a creative commons licence.

I am glad you liked the modal.
I did not mean to put any restrictions on the modal, I just meant in the near future you could post your results on this thread.
But you are in no ways required to do anything what so ever. You can just use the modal in anyway you want and I don’t care if you acknowledge me or not.
The open source communitee has given me enough that I can at least give somethings back to it completely free without and restrictions.

Very nice! Thank you!

That would be a Creative Commons - 0 licence. Basically, use for anything with no restrictions.

Yes, I realize that you probably didn’t mean to restrict the use by requiring posting of an image, but your actual words could be interpreted that way. That’s why Creative Commons is important: the various types of licences cover just about every situation imaginable, and when you put your chosen licence on your work, everyone is absolutely clear what they can and can not do with it.

Excellent model, and thanks for releasing it!

There is a n-gon inside the mouth, ahhh!

Lol, I should have check for that.
But that N-gon is really easy to fix.
BTW, Photox, I am a big fan of your snow leapord

Thanks man, that was a fun project. I actually just finished a 12 second animation of it for my demo reel.

I did a quick 20 minute multi-res sculpt on the basemesh, it works very nicely with sculpting. Thanks again for sharing it.

Looking good Photox.
Have you posted your demo reel any where yet.
I would love to see it.

@Orinoco, thanks for explaining the whole Creative commons license for me.
In the future I will but what license I want on my projects when I release them.
For anyone wondering this .blend should be viewed as having a Creative commons license 0.

Wow I just saw your snow leapord animation, it is looking really good.
Yep render times are a real pain. I did a short film last year that took a total of 408 hours of rendering and the animation only ended up being a minute long.

Big thanks for the model! It has provided me a good reference regarding the topology and some complex shapes.