topology review and shoulder twist

I’m working on a character and would be really happy if there is some topology experts that can review my topology, before i get into rigging.
so this is the design of the character, which will be seen mostly in mid shot and animated like a muppet. so as if there is a hand inside of his face

and this is his wire:

any1 see something that can make my life difficult? (except him having fur)
maybe more loops around the eyebrows?

and to some other questions:
does any1 know good solutions for shoulder twists? i usually used an extra bone with stretch contstraint or damped track, just like rigify use. but maybe someone know better ways? the b-bones segments seems to flip at some point, so i guess it’s out of the topic, and i can’t find any info about it around the web.

and the last question.
if i have a file with some objects that are linked from other files. is there a place where i can see the path of the linked objects?