hey, i’m pretty confused about the topology of this character. i’ve been looking for quads while pushing the vertices and loop subdiving the body modelling the bill but all effort doesn’t pay.

if you have a closer look at the backside of the head - there is some pretty weird shading. i’m assuming this is due loop subdivide is there a tool you would recommend to flatten the vertices to a nice, smooth shape or is it just a bad topology?


Do people never learn?? Take out the nGons!!

Do people never learn?? Take out the nGons!!

well, actually - no. looking at mankinds history should prove this.

taking the ngons out is pretty hard to do but thanks for the pointer. so i knew i have to retopo the whole piece and the deadline for this is yesterday. would be cool to delegate this to AI, retopo sucks!

maybe i’ll check out the ngons later…