Torben Skov chaise reference images ?

I’m trying to find some better quality detailed images of the Torben Skov chaise longue.
Sometimes referred to as the ‘Still-life’ couch or the ‘S 828’.

I have a basic profile image and a few seconds of video, from which I have been able to model the basic form, but I am having real trouble finding better quality images that show the details, particularly the way the two sections connect together.

If anyone knows of any it would be a big help.

(p.s. - Is ‘chaise longue’, Swedish for chaise longue ? Maybe I amusing the wrong search terms.)

Torben Skov is Danish, not Swedish. AFAIK, “chaise longue” is French for “long chair”. In Swedish this kind of furniture is called a “liggstol” (i.e. “lying/resting chair”), but I don’t know what they call it in Denmark.

There is a photo on page 25 in this German/English PDF, best I could find.

Good luck

Danish ? Whoops…

I hope no one is offended, that’s probably as bad as calling a Welshman English. :wink:

Thanks for replying. I have a decent sized profile and a few seconds of video, but they don’t make clear exactly how the two sections of the chair connect together.

I have this:- - round about 2.20

Presumably those hooks attach to protuberances on the base, but it would be great to get a better look at it.

Having studied the YouTube video, I’m convinced there are three proturbances on the base.

Really brilliant design. Annoying being unable to find good refs.