Torn over which laptop to purchase

Hi guys, new to here but any advice would be really appreciated!
I’m looking at getting a new laptop, which will be my only machine, I’ll be using it for animation using blender, and a bit of rendering, I’m looking to start using cloud services for longer render projects, and I’ll also use the laptop for da Vinci resolve, photoshop and illustrator, so I need a minimum UHD p3/wide gamut display.
I’ve only seriously used Mac OS, but with the Nvidia cards I’m seriously considering Windows. This is what I’ve come to, knowing that the AMD Radeon Pro M5500 8GB in the MBP is nowhere near as fast as the GTX 2070 Max Q, and that render engine support for AMD isn’t as good either.
I don’t know whether it’s better to get 32GB RAM and rely on i9 for mostly cpu rendering, for now, with the option to use external AMD gpu when I can afford to get one/the support is there, or whether to go for the nvidia only having 16gb physical RAM.

These seem to be my best options, any advice or anything that I might have missed would be amazing, thanks!

i7 9750H Alienware m15 r2

which would cost me £2149

i9 9880H Alienware m15 r2

which would cost me £2421

both have p3 4K oled 15.6” displays, nvidia rtx 2070 max Q 8gb, 512gb PCIe ssd, 16gb ddr4 ram.

Or my other option is the 16” MBP, which I know how to use blender on more comfortably, it’s equivalent to the 2nd Alienware in all but graphics being Radeon M5500 8GB gddr6 (and the slightly less than 4K display not being OLED, which doesn’t bother me), and has the slightly faster NVme ssd, which would cost me £2109 or £2372 with 32gb ram

Only MacOS is colour managed for desktop UI and such. Windows and Linux are a complete disaster.