Toronto, Ontario Blender peeps - We need YOU (for a heck of a lot of fun / prizes!)

If you know anything about Blender, Python, 2d art, Blender,sound, Python, music, Blender, Python, game design, or (did we mention Blender / Python?) anything at all… we need YOU this May 13-15! What for?

TOjam #6!!!

What is TOjam #6 (the Toronto Game Jam #6)? Basically we get together with a bunch of other insane people and take over the Autodesk building in Toronto for a weekend with one goal:

Make a game as a team in 72 hours!

It’s a heap of fun, a great way to learn more than you thought possible in a short space of time, a good way to get headhunted by the studios (if that’s your thing) and a fun time to be had with other game makers. Our team will be using the Blender Game Engine for it’s rapid prototyping strengths to go up against the best of them. There’s going to be prizes, free food(!), laughs, games, showing off what Blender can do and a whole bunch of crazy stuff going on. Best of all

It’s completely FREE.

We need a wide range of skills, and you don’t need to be some genius to make the team. Just turn up and be ready to help out! So whatever brings you to Blender Artists, we need it at ToJam! There’s a limited number of spots, so if you’re thinking of coming please:

Register here immediately in team “Goat Libre” (goats on a pole are the running joke of ToJam).

There’s already over 140 registrations, so spots are going fast! We look forward to seeing you there! (or PM me for further questions).

To Infinity and Beyond!

PS (If you can’t physically be there, you can also register to help out as a remote team member… but it’s much more fun in person!)

Great! I finally have time to participate this year, so I just registered :slight_smile:

I’m not so great with python yet, but I’m eager to help with 2d/3d graphics stuff, or any c++/lua/javascript you might need.

If programming is something super-important I can spend the next couple weeks learning python.

Thanks for the PM by the way, I wouldn’t have noticed this otherwise.

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you and great to have you on board! Basically I know no programming whatsoever, however I’ve used this to get pretty darn good with just about every logic brick available (do I hear Social groaning? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). I can do almost anything I want with the bricks although I’m not too proud to admit that it could likely be done faster / more efficiently with some Python. I guess what I’m saying is that it would be great to have someone there who knows some BGE python, but if you really don’t feel like it, I know we can get by with bricks. Just make sure you’ve registered as the spots are filling up fast!

How was it? I would love to see the game your team made!

It was a blast. Loads of fun. I’ll be posting the game open source, not that there’s much worth using, other than maybe clip art and music, soon. I think the games pretty fun though although it exposed a couple of fairly major game engine bugs (one which has been fixed already - yay!). I showed off the logic brick system to a number of people at the Jam, who were all seemed very surprised that building a full game minus code was even possible. Now, we have some time to finish polishing the game up and then they’re being shown at a big digital arts fest here in Toronto. I just hope people get the rather twisted sense of humor the game has… :stuck_out_tongue: