I just looked at a few screenshots from Torque! AMAZING! :o Is there ANY way to implement Torque to blender or the other way around?

I’ve always wanted Glowing things and Refraction! With my luck, it’s never going to happen… :frowning:

well in my opinion, it would be a HARD work :o
-rewrite/develop some code that would transform blender as a framework, independant of any engines, that use a plugin architecture.
-write a plugin for the torque engine (and others engines like OGRE…) that fit into the “framework” and convert/compile for the engine.

althought it would require A LOT of work and coders, it would be better in the long time use, since u could use new, updated opensource and even commercials engines. I would note make a “blender game” but a “game made with blender”, using cutting-edge engines instead of constantly reinventing the weel and updating the blender engines.

well it’s a dream but it would be awsomne :smiley:

They have an import for Blender models. From there, you’d be better off rewriting the code with the torque engine scripting system. The new engine with shaders does sound interesting. $150 is still a reasonalbe price, but too high for me. Unless I tried something professional. Even if I was going to do that, I’d still prototype in Blender. It’s just so easy to make changes. There’s a big difference between a tech demo and a game. Blender is the perfect tool for game design.

Blender and Torque I don’t think will ever come together, not legally, mainly because Blender is released under the GNU licence.

Torque is a great engine for the money, but it is still $150. It does have many more things than the Blender game engine at the moment. Well it probably would have a lot more even in the future, Torque being a commercial game engine. The only reason why I would buy torque is that its game engine allows for more characters and polys on screen at a time.

Besides that bonus, plus I’m not going into the gaming industry Blender fits my needs perfectly. :smiley: after all it is the greatest free software worldwide.

Yeah, Blender and Torque can’t ever come together. I don’t really see a point in allowing Blender to use other game engines like commercial ones. Why don’t you just use the commercial engine itself then? Blender does however allow you to use python plugins extending what the game engine can do.

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is the all caps subject line necescary?

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but anyway, fireside and goldenjaii have the idea, torque is a product seperate of blender and can’t be combined with it [because of the license], though competent torque exports would be a benefit for both torque and blender.

There is a full featured Torque exporter for Blender. Not as full featured as Torque’s MAX exporter, but still pretty good:

It exports into .dts format which is used for objects and players in the Torque Game Engine.


Hirpo, i too am excited about using Blender with Torque. i just discovered Blender, but i’ve known of Torque for years, and am probably about to buy it to develop a game idea.

my intention is to rapid prototype using the simple elegance of Blender [once i can get my keyboard commands working!], and then implement a full-featured game in Torque.

they are certainly excited about you guys. there’s no reason not to be excited about them in return. :slight_smile: i’m sure those interested in seeing the 2 cross over wld find very willing collaborators over there. the 2 projects will never merge, but i don’t doubt that you cld see Blender become the preferred editor and prototyper for use with Torque.

i do not yet have Torque, so i have not yet tried this exporter script. i anticipate troubles. :slight_smile:

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Hirpo - i’m hoping you’re able to see this. i’m trying to keep track of those who are enthusiastic as i am about Blender / Torque cross-fertilisation. there is an attempt going on right now by a Torque / GarageGames community to be able to export 3d environments as .maps [a la the Quake Army Knife] so they can be imported from Blender into Torque. that’d make Blender an all-in-one environment for many of us, especially Mac users who cannot use QuArK [Qk Army Knf]; Blender to model, rapid-prototype basic game mechanics, and export the map / level to Torque.

there are a number of folks over there who really are excited abt Blender and working with it, but there doesn’t seem to be enough know-how to connect the dots. for instance, the person making the Blender > Torque .map importer is running into a number of texture snags that i am sure an experiened Blender person cld help put to rest. the benefits wld help both communities. also, feel free to point others in the Blender community who are interested in Torque cross-over to this thread.

my fear is that this link won’t work for you [or anyone willing to help!] because it may be internal to GarageGames Torque owners, but try:

otherwise, i will also point the developer to this thread so he can try to elaborate maybe. i realize many of you want only to use Blender’s game engne to make finished games, but what’s the harm in helping Blender to gain greater footing for those of us who want to use it with another suite? i am extermely excited abt Blender, and want to use it for all my needs before porting to Torque for speed & rendering features. so i’m trying to play matchmaker…

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Great! That really is good news! I hope it will work…
Oh, I forgot: I’ll post a link to this thread to any post about merging or using Torque with Blender!

Excuse me for what might seem to be a silly ( no pun intended) question. But does not the torque engine require programming in C++. That, right there, would stop me. I just cannot get my mind around that language. C yes,Java yes,Basic NO Problem, Python yes(if I really bear down and do not get distracted while trying to learn it.) But I took on look at a so-called C++ book for beginners a few years ago and got about 10 pages into it before I said “forget this”.

C yes,Java yes,Basic NO Problem, Python yes(if I really bear down and do not get distracted while trying to learn it.) But I took on look at a so-called C++ book for beginners a few years ago and got about 10 pages into it before I said “forget this”.

I don’t think C++ is harder than C, Java, or whatever else, try the Irrlicht game engine, I bet that is easy enough to get you familliar with C++.

Thanks bookeater I will bookmark that site which is after looking in a search engine for the words Irrlicht game engine.

(I like to give a url when I mention something in a post, Not required I just think its considerate)

Like I said thanks. But like I said I cannot seem to get my mind around C++. The "C++ “like” scripting language of Torque seems to be more like C to me so would be easier. Although when I skimmed the Irrlicht site I did notice there is come sort of Java plugin that Should allow you to code in java for the engine. That would be a lot easier on me.

@SHABA1- just to clarify no using Torque does not REQUIRE programming in C++. You can download the TGE (torque game engine) as a binary executable and write your game in torquescript (c++ like scripting language) and use the include mission editor GUI tools. However, C++ source code is included so you can hack the engine to your heart’s cnotent if you have the desire or need.I’ve been using (learning) Torque for several months and have not needed C++ programming at all. After you purchase TGE you can download it from here:

i myself have little hope that i’ll ever really be able to tackle a programming language. but Torque already has pre-assembled frameworks for different types of games that are modifiable from the start.

my point here though is not necessarily to talk up Torque, but somply to help ppl see that connections between different grassroots projects are important, whatever their licenses and methods… and that Blender folks shld begin to see the potential in linking up to other game engines or projects, even if Blender’s engine isn’t used and Blender is instead used as an editor. it’s still Blender being used as a preferred tool!

my other point was also to say, if anyone knows how to make some sort of template, exporter, or framework for Blender that’d turn it into a tool for building ‘levels’ [architectures] that could export in .map format, they’d be local heroes over in the Torque world, esp among us Mac developers!

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Hi Guys, …

Just wanted to confirm something here.
I’m currently working with a development group buidling 3D artifacts and constructs. We’re using the Torque 3D engine.

Simply put, I build an object, put it through the exporter and on the Engine side it gets inserted into the VR environment.

~ It’s Sweet ! :smiley:

if you really need more polys on screen and such why not use a open source graph ( game framework) at:

its free, in few months will even have a ‘level editor’ for all aspects of gaming and its crossplatform . It uses as its basis and of course the blender exporter for osg ( osgexport) available at works fine faik.