I’m making a motocross game. But when my wheel use torque it dont get so much speed on:S It just jumping a little and it dont move so fast:S

you may need a key on every keyframe…

backup your original file,
select your armature, and get ti into pose mode…

now on every frame select all the bones and press I to snap a key for Loc and Rot.

save the file, and then export… (also you may need to triangulate the model first)

hope that helps… I know some game engines need the animations baked into vertex animation, need a key on every frame for all bones.

let us know if that worked for you, there are lots of Torque users out there that may have the same problem.

Can you make a example?
I dont now what you mean. And i dont have any bones:confused:

Try using DRot instead of torque to rotate the wheel. You might also want to post a blend if you want more specific help.