torso sculpt

I am now trying to incorporate sculpting of the human body into my work. Of course there probably is no body that looks like this but I am worried less about proportion at this time than getting something that reads (at least a bit). If you look at my previous work, I think that I have the head pretty darn close. What I would like to do is be able to sculpt an entire person in a pose. Another new addition to my work is the pose of the body. I am taking this a iece at a time and I do think that I am getting somewhere. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


But that is exactly where you went wrong and why your torso sculpt looks wrong.

->Proportion -> Form -> Shape -> Anatomy

that is the order of importance IIRC. Why is proportion at the top any body even people who have never opened an anatomy book can immediately spot proportional problems. It doesn’t take a genius to see when the arms are too long, chest too wide, legs too thin etc.

  1. start with your proportions and get them right there is no screwing about with this stage. get your proportions right. for your sculpt the biggest thing that is jumping out right now is the size of the arms compared to the chest. The are too big. the neck is also too big.

  2. then tackle form so look at some reference photos of a torso and think of breaking things up in terms of spheres, cubes, wedges, cylinders, simple 3d volumes. The way I break up my arms; the shoulder I think of as an inverted pyramid, the upper arm as a cylinder, the forearm a tapered cylinder that wedges into a rectangular box at the wrist, or an inverted bowling pin.

Michael Hampton, Bridgeman, Kevin Chen and Ron Lemen are good 2d artist to look at how to break up the body into simple forms Ryan Kingslien does this in zbrush

When you are right you are right. Don’t get a big head about me saying that though. You were right on with what you said and I appreciate it. A good crit is hard to find. I worked on it a bit more.