is there an ajustable parameters for torus in blender

there is one under nurbs but no adjustable

i need to adjust the ID OD of the torus !

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Better to use a Curve BevOb.
Creat two Curve>Circle either Bezier or Nurbs
Now on the Curves and Surfices Panel type the name of one into BevOb of the other. This will skin one along the other.
Ajust the radius of each circle till you have the desired torus shape.
Now the Curve Circle that you typed into BevOb can be placed on an undisplayed layer to hide it.
Also note that changeing its shape will affect the profile of the skinning.

What’s Torus?

A torus is an elliptic curve - but judging by the conversation, it’s probably something else.

A torus is a donut.


Donut - toroid - torus
who cares !

i tough i had seen something somewhere in Blender
bit it was not - at least not yet!

but i hope the next version contains more programmable primitives and more primtives- that would be very usefull

I found that Script from P Bourque
and it is amazing - all programmable

i got enough with that
it should be part of the script that comes with blender


Convert your donut to a mesh, then in edit mode use <Alt><S> to fatten/shrink it.

Err, I think you missed ReeVee’s point completely. There’s little reason to have a torii primitive, and you sure as hell don’t need a script!! Example: Make a curve. Make another curve. Make one of the curves the BevOb of the other. Done.

As Hazard says, convert to mesh, then go nuts adjusting it however you want. Or, just re-bevel it. It’s as fast as making two circles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heavi Tess
Try the Bourque Script and it’ll give you power at the finger tip and it’s very fast even faster then what you did

and you can get round - square - stars shape of donut bevel or not - up to 49 different shapes of donut- The only thing missing is whip cream or ice cream with straberry or butterscoth

try it - you’ll adopt it


Well damn, now I’m gonna have to! I have the whipped cream to go with it! :smiley:

How did you join two control vertices without pressing C to close the curve?